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Kwun Tong’s Work and Wellness Balance

Escape from the Crowds

Need a break from the hustle and bustle of the city? It’s incredibly easy to find somewhere to relax in Kwun Tong. The picture to the right shows a quaint, grassy area with benches and a small exercise park. Located only steps from The Wave, this is a perfect spot to enjoy lunch and get some fresh air. There are several other small parks close to the office as well. They are designed to be a place for locals and workers to sit and take a breather from the sometimes overwhelming nature of Hong Kong. I personally never want to be in the humidity for too long and with my busy workday, I prefer convenience over walking 20 minutes to take my break in a larger green area. Therefore, I think the park setup in Kwun Tong perfectly fits with the district’s productive yet tireless work ethic.

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The Wave 2019年第三季回顧

Wave Academy

在2019年第三季,The Wave 舉行了共4場Wave Academy活動,主題涵蓋《淘寶創業》、《中國創新營銷-自媒體網紅》、《從實業轉型投資初創 擴大生意版圖》和《商場談判致勝術》。接下來,Wave Academy將帶來更多不同話題,包括《中國創新營銷速成班:自媒體網紅速成班》,以及由兩位Wavers 合作準備的《十二星座入門及2020運勢預測》,值得期待。

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Kwun Tong from a Tourist’s Perspective

Brief History of the District

Kwun Tong was previously a major manufacturing center. Over the past two decades, the many industrial buildings in the area were restored to create office spaces. With hundreds of companies, artists and other professionals settling into these facilities, Kwun Tong has become one of the largest business districts in Hong Kong.

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