W o r k s p a c e E v e n t S p a c e


The Wave is the pioneer of serviced office and co-working space in HK, which is dedicated to provide a well-rounded integrated business platform.

The Wave located in Kwun Tong, provides serviced offices, shared office, co-working space, and versatile event space, which satisfy the needs of entrepreneurs and SMEs.

Moreover, The Wave hopes to create a community-liked work environment by holding exclusive regular community events for “wavers” (tenants), so as to produce more chances for their business promotion and collaborations between wavers, and hereby foster the growth of businesses and create a harmonious work experience.

Please contact 6393 9333 or click here for WhatsApp to know more.


Design Your Own Tote Bag and Green Straw Set

To contribute into environmental protection, The Wave designed a tote Bag and stainless-steel straw set.


👜 Tote Bag is made of chambray in 41cm x 34cm, prefect for you to put computer.


🥤 The stainless-steel straw set can replace plastic drinking straws, and include a brush for cleaning usage.


Pick your choice at The Wave, and let us build a green and sustainable future together!


Price list:

Tote bag: HK$50 | Stainless-steel straw set: HK$30


Co-working Space Subsidy Scheme


The Wave has always encouraged new generations to go beyond boundaries to realize their dreams and build their own businesses.


The Wave has been listed as a registered co-working space under the “Enhanced Social Innovation Co-working Space Subsidy Scheme”, allows young entrepreneurs to apply monthly subsidy of up to HK$6,000 , to support their business development.

Please contact 6393 9333 or click here for WhatsApp to know more.


Please contact 6393 9333 or click here for WhatsApp to know more.


Space Sharing Scheme for Youth


The Wave welcomes youth with backgrounds in creative industries, arts and culture, social innovation, social enterprises and NGOs become our members, who applied the “Space Sharing Scheme for Youth” under Hong Kong SAR Government.


The qualified company will be given first priority and enjoy monthly rental fees 50% off while bringing synergies to our mother’s company “Stan Group”.