Sound Wave

The Wave to Present All New Cantonese PodCast Channel. 

We curate, we share. The Wave believed knowledge increases by sharing but not saving. Start the day with Sound Wave, listen to podcasts to learn practical knowledge and eye-opening ideas from all professionals. Subscribe Sound Wave on KKBOX, Google Podcasts or Spotify.


Sound Wave

The Wave 全新的廣東話 PodCast頻道




In recent years, PodCast has become the new blue ocean of social media. The Wave has newly launched our Cantonese PodCast chanel, “Sound Wave”, which focused on audio and invited different experts to share experiences with listeners. The content covers a wide range of topics. Let’s implement sharing values and encourage lifelong learning!

The Wave organizes seminars and workshops, hoping to unleash the creativity of the general public and achieve what they want!

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