WAVER SERIES: Graphic & Web Designer, Founder of the Loose Bunch – Stan Diers

Stan Diers is a freelance senior graphic and web designer with 10 years of experience in Visual Communication. He specialises in branding with a background in design for visual communication. He has developed work to span across disciplines, from print to digital with a focus on Branding for small to mid-size companies. Recently, Stan expanded his service by launching a new project, named The Loose Bunch, a free and open online directory for freelancers and more broadly self-employed creatives in Hong Kong.


The Loose Bunch: Free and Open Online Directory Platform for Hong Kong creatives.

The Loose Bunch is an online platform to facilitate the relationship and communication between freelancers and self-employed creatives, and also help businesses find them. Unlike other directory platforms, The Loose Bunch is completely free and open.

“Creating your listing is easy and free. When people are looking at your profile, they will also not pay anything. They have access to your contact details and anything you wish to share, so that they can get in touch with you.”, Stan introduced.

The name “Loose Bunch” is a creative way to refer to freelancers, as a group of independent people working freely as they please. “The platform links freelancers together, so that they can be stronger.”, Stan explained.

The Loose Bunch works great for both self-employed creatives and entrepreneurs. On one hand, it is a practical tool for businesses to find people for their next project, and on the other hand, it provides a great network opportunity for freelancers to not only connect with entrepreneurs, but also build network with others and form stronger teams for big projects.


Design at the Service of Function

“Design at the service of function” is Stan’s motto. He believes that design is the act or organising information in order to communicate efficiently, instead of simply being decorative or disruptive. “Design is there to enable something to be done better, for example, it should help you read comfortably, it should help you open a packaging simply, it should make your computer feel logical to use without instructions.”, Stan mentioned.

“It’s always the function which tells the limits of the design.”, Stan said. This motto helps Stan focus and specialize the creativity, give an idea of the work he does, the style and the objectives. It helps his design practice as well, acting like a filter when people come to him.


A Co-Working Space or Serviced Office is Perfect for Freelancers

“Freelancing can be quite lonely.”, said Stan, since freelancers usually work from home for a long time. Stan thinks that a co-working space or serviced office is perfect for freelancers, with no burden of long commitment; giving you more social interactions and network opportunities. At The Wave, Stan can come across different people from different backgrounds, and he said it helps him be in a more creative mindset.

Stan also thinks The Wave provides a competitive price, flexible terms of contract, a convenient location, as well as being a good workplace to separate work from residence, and to make him stay professional and keep a personal life outside work.


You can find Stan’s graphic design portfolio of work online at www.standiers.com. You are welcome to join the Loose Bunch community by filling the quick registration form on the Join page on www.theloosebunch.com.

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