“Webinar” combines with”Web” and “Seminar”. Live shopping sessions and other webcast activities have become split-new trends in society. The Wave is now launching”One-stop Webcasting Service”, which instantly improves the effectiveness of the events, and can be held in online to offline hybrid mode at the same time to achieve better effects.

The Wave will prepare properly for your webcasting event, ranging from software operation, design of posters to virtual background images: from talk shows, action performances, promotional activities, awards ceremonies to other activities. The Wave Crew will surely give you peace of mind.

Event Poster Designs

The Wave Crew will design exclusive posters and virtual background images for the webcast in the preliminary stage of the event, and will also conduct online and offline promotions and publicity.

Dedicated Shooting Location

Webcasting will be conducted in a dedicated filming location, equipped with good noise insulation, green screen background and other equipment. The Wave Crew will handle the backstage setting in advance, which is suitable for various types of shooting or live streaming.

Professional Shooting Equipment

The Wave offers various professional shooting equipment, providing multi-angle images andhigh definition effects. Videos and images can also be inserted in the live broadcast. In addition, our dedicated staff will supervise the whole process during the event to assist interaction with the audience.

Set up Transparent Partitions

Activities can be held in a mixed online and offline mode at the same time. Participants can be separated, so that they can participate in activities under social distance.

Post-event reports

After the end of the event, we will provide a post-event summary report to review and analysis of the effectiveness of the event.


Event Highlights