WAVER SERIES: VeryVerySticky Founder, Celia

From Corporate Veteran to Entrepreneur – Making More Than Just a Brand Name

VeryVerySticky focuses on making personalised name labels for all children accessories. VeryVerySticky name labels can be applied instantly on clothes, shoes, toys & stationery, and kitchen & bathroom accessories.

Idea Inspired by Own Experience

Made with high resistance material from Europe, the label can be stretched and are washing machine, tumble dryer and dishwasher friendly. The product will last for as long as you need it to. In addition to names, you can add important information such as addresses, phone numbers and food allergy reminders on VeryVerySticky’s labels. With all this information included, parents can rest assured with the improvement of safety whenever their children leave the house.

The idea of making these labels for children came from the founder Celia’s own experience. She had taken her 3-year-old son on a trip to the shopping mall. When waiting to take the elevator together, her son stepped inside the lift and the door closed before she could walk in as well. “He just disappeared”, Celia recalls. Her sense of hopelessness and helplessness at the time inspired Celia to create a labels that would include safety information. She also felt that “there [was] something better to do” when she saw some parents writing down their child’s name, address and phone number on their arms before going to crowded places. This reality motivated Celia to start her own business.


From Corporate Veteran to Entrepreneur

After working in the corporate world for 20 years, Celia decided to quit her job and founded VeryVerySticky as a new challenge for herself last year. “I had a fantastic journey in the corporate world, and I wanted to engage in a new challenge closer to all business challenges: operational and managerial ”, she explains. For Celia, starting up a business means turning one’s idea into a reality by applying everything learnt in a previous career.

Similar to other entrepreneurs, Celia encountered different difficulties every day: from trying to find a business partner to promoting her own business. Luckily, her family and friends gave her a lot of support and encouragement. “The most rewarding return is the appreciation from the people I encounter. I am glad that my consumers and people around me like the products, which served as the motivation for my business.” Passion and persistence and thrive to continuously innovate with new products are the key elements in Celia’s entrepreneurship journey. “I believe VeryVerySticky products are innovative, have a superior quality and are adding to the kids’ safety. This pride in the product and the use of the products, keeps me focused in this fascinating journey.”


Connecting an environment with Shared Values

Celia points out that isolation is very risky for a start-up because loneliness can lead to failure. While VeryVerySticky is being founded, Celia aims to work in a co-working space. “I need a place where I am surrounded by people like me so that I can get inspiration and exchange ideas with others” Through being a Waver, Celia has received more opportunities to meet other entrepreneurs. “The Wave offers a diversified community of entrepreneurs as well as networking activities to connect with other Wavers, which have definitely helped my business a lot.” Being a Waver for a short time, Celia has already found her business partner and met with some video and website design companies. “It really shows the value-added culture in The Wave”, she states.

In the future, Celia hopes the “back-to-school time” (early August to late August) will bring more opportunities for VeryVerySticky. By gaining awareness among parents, Celia hopes the company will have more support and will expand their business scale even beyond Hong Kong.


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